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    Sparkly Sequins

    There is no option for, “Apple Filing System,” under Services for me.

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    Sparkly Sequins

    My Mac is in an endless loop logging in to the server via Time Machine settings. Help!

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      Before you turn on your Mac disconnect your Mac from the network cable then remove the TimeMachine drive you enabled. If you’re using wifi then disabled wifi first or power down your wifi router then turn your mac back on so you can log back into the mac to remove the Timemachine drive.

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    Monkey Demon

    This is great. Really helpful.

    One thing, responding to Sparkly, the latest version of Netatalk, Netatalk3, no longer needs starting from Services. It’s done automatically. Also, in Finder the AFP connection no longer adds AFP to the name. SMB still does, but this could be awfully confusing if both protocols were consistent with each other. (This is an excellent example of how poor documentation wastes time: I spent over an hour with the same problem before I came across this discussion, which explains it:


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