Installing IPCop as a Virtual Machine on Proxmox VE

Installing IPCop as a Virtual Machine on Proxmox VE How I  virtualized my IPCop installation on Proxmox VE hypervisor.  This how-to assumes you already have a running Proxmox VE host.  If you want to try  Proxmox VE click here. After downloading the latest IPCop installation iso.  I have to upload

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Migrate VMware Virtual Machines to KVM Virtualization

I wanted to try Groundwork Community Edition but the download only provides a VM appliance built for VMware. So I need to first convert the vmdk files to qcow2 the growable file understood by QEMU. Migrate VMware Virtual Machines to KVM Virtualization These are the steps I took. You will

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Prevent root file system from getting full on a Proxmox VE host

Last week my Proxmox VE host root directory became full which prevented any backups from starting or launching a virtual machine console.  I had to find the file or directory consuming the most space.  From the Proxmox forum it was suggested to use a software called ncdu. Installing ncdu. apt-get

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Monitor your server stats using Monitorix

Monitorix is a free, open source, lightweight system monitoring tool.    A good way to monitor the health of your server is knowing its baseline operation measured daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Monitor your server stats using Monitorix My install has been done on Debian 7 Wheezy this has also been

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CSF the user-friendly host-based firewall

CSF the user-friendly host-based firewall Is by far the easiest firewall script to date I have worked with which even comes with a Webmin module a web interface front-end to manage the firewall configuration.  If you’re serious about your server security then add another layer of defense by installing  the

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Secure your Virtualmin install

Secure your Virtualmin install After investing time to install and setup Virtualmin for web hosting I also wanted to make sure the server will be secure. These are the steps I took to secure my Virtualmin install.  My other guide which covers Virtualmin installation I also covered ways to increase

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How secure is your web server or your website?

Do you even know if your website has been compromised with a hidden backdoor which allows hackers to gain control?  Do you even know if your website harbors malicious code which could potentially infect anyone visiting your website? Based on this article the US leads in  hosting. Through the years

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Installing Openmediavault as a KVM virtual machine for Apple Time Machine

My setup uses the  hypervisor.  At the workplace we’re 99% Mac users. To backup user desktop and laptop computers we only use time machine. After trying out a number of Open Source NAS solution with Time Machine capability I decided to go with . These are my specs for the

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Installing Virtualmin GPL on Debian 7 Wheezy

Would you like to manage your own web server or maybe even offer web hosting services? This tutorial will show you how to turn the rock solid reliability of Debian 7 Wheezy into a web server which could host a dozen or even hundreds of websites all managed within an

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Backing up virtual machines on Promox VE

This article is about the Proxmox ve backup. My intention was to document how I store backups using a local HD, restoring and scheduling backups for my Linux and Windows virtual machines at the work place.  I am using the powerful Open Source Server Virtualization Platform, based on KVM and

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Mon, Apr 14, 2014

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